Dickinson Guest House, Chapalita

    The well known Chapalita neighborhood of Guadalajara is the perfect area to enjoy this exciting city for business,pleasure or both....

    The neighborhood of Chapalita in Guadalajara, Mexico is where the Dickinson Guest House opened nearly 9 years ago. Although in a peaceful area just outside of the downtown district, it offers the quiet that many enjoy for a good nights sleep. The 'party" is always close-by when desired and is a must to see while visiting. The large homes in Chapalita with wide sidewalks and well maintained parks, give visitors another view of Mexico's second largest city from a different angle. The sleek new hotels in this area make it the perfect location, side by side- new and old. It allows our guests to have the option of both worlds-minutes apart from each other. Guadalajara's Historical Center - about 15 minutes away from the B&B - is a fascinating part of the city that lends itself to a leisurely exploration of it's Spanish past and typical architecture. And although we are very near, we offer a different look and feel with some of the best eateries from tacos to bistros-and more shopping that is not always available in the more confined area of the city. We welcome everyone from all walks of life to this exciting city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

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    The Guadalajara International Book Fair 2014 or (FIL) as is better known as will start on November 29,2014. The Dickinson Guest House is a popular alternative to the many hotels in this area of the city, at much better rates for groups of up to 8.

    The Dickinson Guest House is a fully furnished home to enjoy with friends while attending the Guadalajara Mariachi Festival 2014, and is available for rent to groups of up to 8- traveling to this city for this festive annual event

    The Dickinson Guest House has been a standard for groups traveling to Guadalajara for the annual Festivals of October. The list of performers has finally been released and it is now posted to this site. Get your tickets soon, or we can help!