Dickinson Guest House, Chapalita

    The privacy of this large house in Colonia Chapalita is the perfect rental for business groups attending the Expo Center,weddings or Holidays!

    The Dickinson Guest House in Guadalajara, Mexico has been receiving guests since 2006-- in the new business hub of the city- Colonia Chapalita .The sleek new hotels in this area make it the perfect location for those visiting this large city for business, pleasure or both! The area being well established offers the finest eateries in the city from local favorite dishes, the freshly made tacos on the corner- to fine bistros. When not catering to single business people/ or couples coming to see the sites that are in every direction from this large private home- we have made it available to those attending events at the Expo Center that is within walking distance from the house. It is a perfect size for up to 8 guests that would prefer the privacy and space of a gated home- as apposed to a hotel that although luxurious-can cost a lot on this side of the city! We can offer the same amenities to those who prefer their own private space and save a good sum of money for gifts to take home! We have become a favorite for business colleagues, graduations and we are always ready to house the visiting families of those who often come back home to get married, or just visit their families!

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    The Guadalajara International Book Fair 2014 or (FIL) as is better known as will start on November 29, 2014. The Dickinson Guest House is a popular alternative to the many hotels in this area of the city, at much better rates for groups of up to 8.

    The Dickinson Guest House has been a standard for groups traveling to Guadalajara for the annual Festivals of October. The list of performers has finally been released and it is now posted to this site. Get your tickets soon, or we can help!