Dickinson Guest House B&B-Expo Center, Guadalajara, Mex

    Enjoy a private, gated home near the Expo Center for your visit to Guadalajara-for less than the price of a nearby hotel.

    The Dickinson Guest House B&B in Guadalajara, Mexico has been receiving guests in Chapalita for 9 years. We are blocks from the Expo Center and minutes to the historical district. The sleek new hotels in this area show the importance of the location for those visiting this large city for business, pleasure or both! And they charge for their newness.This well-established area offers the finest eateries in the city from local favorite dishes, the freshly made tacos on the corner- to fine bistros. We cater to the business groups or families coming to see the historical sites that are nearby. It is a perfect size for guests that would prefer the privacy and space of a gated home- as opposed to a hotel that although luxurious-can add up fast. We can offer the same amenities to those who prefer their own private space and save a good sum of money at the same time. A favorite for business travelers- and the perfect location to house family members coming to a wedding or graduation.

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    The Dickinson Guest House invites you to ring in the year 2014-2015, with a special pricing for a 3 day or more stay at this large home in Guadalajara. Let us know how many, between 4-6 people- and we will deliver the perfect environment for you!