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Modama-Expo Guadalajara, Mayo 2020

This bi-annual event brings the high-end fashion world to Guadalajara, Mexico.

While many attend this event, the cost of the high-end hotels, although classy-can set groups back a few $$$, when they are in fact, rarely in there room. If you are traveling with 5,6 or more, try a smart home with the comforts of a hotel, yet more private and secure. With trave restrictions popping up daily, sometimes smaller is better and safer!

Dickinson Guest House

       Calle San Uriel 338

 Colonia Chapalita

Expo Area-Guadalajara

Guadalajara, México 4451


En Espanol o Ingles

+52 332 688 9090

+52 331 409 4492 (cell)   


For English only, in Mexico

+52 384 117 7719


US & Canada

+1 408 608 2784

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          A well furnished, business-ready home near Expo-Guadalajara, for 1 - 14 guests.