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PLasticos, Expo Guadalajara, Marzo 2020

One of the largest conventions every year and growing. Book direct and save over OTA'S

We can offer a private home for 6 or more for a close, yet private experience near the madness of the Expo Area. It is good to be so close-and still have some space to relax without the noisy streets in between your time at the great events held there!

Dickinson Guest House

       Calle San Uriel 338

 Colonia Chapalita

Expo Area-Guadalajara

Guadalajara, México 4451


En Espanol o Ingles

+52 332 688 9090

+52 331 409 4492 (cell)   


For English only, in Mexico

+52 384 117 7719


US & Canada

+1 408 608 2784

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          A well furnished, business-ready home near Expo-Guadalajara, for 1 - 14 guests.