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Expo Guadalajara Events, 2020 ​


A quiet corner in the Dickinson Guest House with new private bathroom. It has everything you need in this quiet place to rest up for the next show!

Two stories of space with 5 bedrooms, and extra space for two extra queen sized beds if needed in the Grand room on the first floor of this great property.


Antad 2020 March & April, Guadalajara, Mexico

This is the show for food and hospitality, and is fun to see every year!


Confit 35, Expo Guadalajara 2020

The best sweets in the world will be shown here at Expo Guadalajara for the 35th time.


Dickinson Guest House, Guadalajara, Mexico

If you need a little extra space, 2 large beds fit easily in the grand room on the ground floor, without stopping any News or game watchers in this very large space.


Dickinson Guest House/ Expo-Guadalajara

Taking care of small groups for BIG events at Expo-Guadalajara since 2006!


Modama-Expo Guadalajara, Mayo 2020

This bi-annual event brings the high-end fashion world to Guadalajara, Mexico.


PLasticos, Expo Guadalajara, Marzo 2020

One of the largest conventions every year and growing. Book direct and save over OTA'S


Rujuac at Expo Guadalajara, Sept. 2020

If cars, engines, and parts are needed, this can't be missed


Seafood expo comes to Guadalajara

Wholesale, fresh fish and shellfish are sold wholesale to the best restaurants in the city. And they know what to buy.


nacional Ferretera September 2020

Expo Guadalajara Ferretera is huge. Work with the masses all day and relax in quiet with beverages and sleep for the next days business!

Dickinson Guest House

       Calle San Uriel 338

 Colonia Chapalita

Expo Area-Guadalajara

Guadalajara, México 44510

 Solo en Espanol

+52 332 688 9090   


For English only

+52 33 31 92 54 10

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A well furnished, business-ready home near Expo-Guadalajara, for groups of 6 or more.