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We Are Back!

As of October 15, 2020, we will resume our invitations to book our private and conveniently located home in Colonia Chapalita, #Guadalajara, #Jalisco, #Mexico!

For many, the last 6 months have been difficult times.

And as we leave our annual rainy season that keeps this part of Mexico green and fresh, we look forward to hosting guests from one and up for years more to come.

We have made sure that this property is ready for guests by the meticulous cleaning measures that have been ordered by state and federal officials. And with keyless, contactless entry, small to medium groups will find this smaller property close enough to their destination in Guadalajara. Located near the very important #Expo-Guadalajara, which has re-opened, we are ready for groups, offering private spaces, important smart devices, and #highspeed internet for all devices. We look forward to seeing you soon. Welcome to Guadalajara!

Dickinson Guest House

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Dickinson Guest House

       Calle San Uriel 338

 Colonia Chapalita

Expo Area-Guadalajara

Guadalajara, México 4451


En Espanol o Ingles

+52 332 688 9090

+52 331 409 4492 (cell)   


For English only, in Mexico

+52 384 117 7719


US & Canada

+1 408 608 2784

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          A well furnished, business-ready home near Expo-Guadalajara, for 1 - 14 guests.