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Welcome to the Dickinson Guest House in Guadalajara, Mexico


The Dickinson Guest House started as a B&B from its opening in 2006. We became a Boutique Hotel a few years later in this exciting area of Guadalajara, bordering the municipality of Zapopan, in Jalisco State in the Western Cental mountains of Mexico. When we first opened our doors, there were few hotels in this part of the city.  As once only a residential area for some of the founding fathers of the city, a large exposition center was getting larger. As we are within walking distance of this venue, we then became popular with families coming to a wedding or vacation, and to the business travelers that wanted a hotel alternative for the groups they were traveling with.  As they prefer to be in this well-groomed and specific area of the city, we had already made this large property business-friendly with very fast wifi and other needs of people everywhere, inclusive of all rates.

Once the Expo-Guadalajara became the largest Exposition center in Latin America, the hotels followed. 

  In those years and still building we have discovered that many travelers enjoy the privacy of a smaller venue than a 42 story hotel. To make this property, even more, business and group-friendly, we had all doors coded, as do most newer hotels.  This has added privacy and contactless entry at all hours for travelers arriving at different hours. Codes are sent in advance of arrival and reset upon departure.  The calendar for Expo Guadalajara is on this site for your convenience.  And for others coming to this business and restaurant mecca, it is in your best interest to book in advance and to call or book directly from our website for best pricing. to book from this site for the best pricing. If you have questions, feel free to send a note or a call, using our contact page. Welcome to Guadalajara!

The Dickinson Guest House and Hotel have served travelers to Guadalajara since 2006.



 Dickinson Guest House, Expo-Guadalajara, Mexico está ubicado en una zona estratégica. Esta casa con 5 habitaciones es ideal para compañeros de trabajo o amigos en grupos de 5 a 10 viajeros que disfrutarán una alternativa a un Hotel-que está cerca de expo GDL, con grandes comodidades para negocios. Se ofrece la privacidad de la habitación de un hotel con una casa grande incluida!  Hace que de verdad te sientas en-casa-lejos-de casa visitando esta ciudad histórica con toda la experiencia, por trabajo o placer. Bienvenido a Guadalajara,Mexico!

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Treat yourself or your group to some excellent dining near a comfortable, business-ready home near Expo-Guadalajara,  when traveling to our city.