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Welcome to the Dickinson Guest House in Guadalajara, Mexico

 Dickinson Guest House, Expo-Guadalajara, Mexico está ubicado en una zona estratégica. Esta casa con 5 habitaciones es ideal para compañeros de trabajo o amigos en grupos de 5 a 10 viajeros que disfrutarán una alternativa a un Hotel-que está cerca de expo GDL, con grandes comodidades para negocios. Se ofrece la privacidad de la habitación de un hotel con una casa grande incluida!  Hace que de verdad te sientas en-casa-lejos-de casa visitando esta ciudad histórica con toda la experiencia, por trabajo o placer. Bienvenido a Guadalajara,Mexico!

                 Dickinson Guest House
Centro De Exposiciones, Guadalajara, Mexico

This large 5 bedroom house is the perfect hotel-alternative for friends or business colleagues that will be attending the same event at the largest convention center in all of Latin America, or one of the nearby hotels conference rooms.  It is within walking distance, to avoid the chaos of parking- or a rapid Uber ride that we offer to our Expo guests for specific events.

El Diseño De La Casa Y Las 6 Habitaciones.

After 10 years of offering this lovely home as a Boutique Bed and Breakfast for guests coming from all over the world to visit this historical city, we soon discovered that many business travelers come to Guadalajara and need to be in this specific area of the city to attend conferences and conventions or conferences in expensive hotel meeting rooms. 


The Redevelopment of an already well know area of this city became the new hotel district for Expo-Guadalajara , and it grew at a rapid pace to accommodate larger and more important events.  As the several new luxury hotels became more abundant, the already pricey neighborhood became one of the most important business hubs of the Metropolitan Area, with the Exposition Center attracting hundreds of thousands visitors annually.


As we calculated the prices of hotels in the area we realized how expensive they were-depending on the type of conferences being held and the number hotel rooms would be needed to house a group traveling for the same event. 

 The prices were surprisingly high, considering how much time is actually spent in them!

 We offer people an alternative to these prices.

As a group that would enjoy the idea of having their private room, yet enjoy the free time with those that they have travelled with- in a large house of their own- this style of travel  is the perfect option. You have your own sets of keys and come and go as you would in a hotel.  It would just be more private and still very close to where you need to be. Let us save you some money- and enjoy a house stay while visiting this fun and historically important city,  Guadalajara, Mexico.  We offer hotel amenities like fast wiFi and printers- they just are included in the price. The calendar to Expo Guadalajara is on this site for your convenience.  It is wise to book early for best pricing.  Feel free to contact us at any time.

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